Brandi Russell & Missy Greene
( PAUSE )™ Co-Founders

Through partnerships with trusted leaders in the health and wellness industry, (PAUSE)™ elevates women’s energy, soul and existence by creating a healthy, peaceful and loving space where women of all ages can be heard, supported and encouraged to explore and build upon existing beliefs and develop connections with others at the most authentic level.  Life is a journey. We are all working to become better versions of ourselves. Together we can lift and empower each other as we expand our awareness, deepen our connections, and rise to our own unique destiny. 

(PAUSE)™ started as a simple conversation between two friends and neighbors sipping IPAs and sharing questions and curiosities about their unique spiritual journeys. Over time, their conversation expanded to include others.  What evolved was a beautiful set of women from all backgrounds and religions coming together in a safe and grounded space to strengthen their existing spiritual beliefs and explore new ideas. This amazing group of women inspired co-founders, Missy Greene and Brandi Russell, of Kansas City to create (PAUSE)™.  A space where women can gather with open-minds and open-hearts to meet and mingle in the most authenticate way.   

Missy and Brandi are the organizers and hostesses of all (PAUSE)™ events. This is what differentiates (PAUSE)™ from other women's retreats, where instructors are also juggling the management of retreat logistics. With Missy and Brandi managing the operations, our featured yoga instructors and energy experts are able to stay focused and fully present throughout events and retreats--providing an elevated experience for retreat guests. (Pause)™ features tried-and-true industry experts. Missy and Brandi happily research and experience teachers and health and wellness business partners before contracting with them for events. (Pause)™ offers different types of energy explorations and experts to guide us.  Plus, we serve cocktails (and mocktails) at our events. If you were hoping for a boot camp, this is not it.

We are all on different paths, but we all want to be heard and encouraged. (PAUSE)™ is a platform for both seekers and teachers to come together to connect with like-minded individuals, support each other, and share their authentic gifts--a space where you can take a pause from your busy life to make time for your self-care.

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