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Known for her refined eclectic style, photographer, Shea Swinford, has spent more than 15 years devoted to creating images with exceptional quality that capture the essence of each individual. 

Whether it be through her Signature Black and White Fine Art photography or her organic, edgy color images, Shea Photography is known for its genuine style of photography that breathes life into your portraits. As a mother of 4, her talents as a photographer have been fueled by her strong desire to capture the fleeting moments of life in her images. “Images that capture a feeling, not just a face. Images that capture who they are, not just how they look.” A self proclaimed, “Gypsy Junkie”, Shea finds inspiration in the spirit of the subjects photographed while infusing her style with interesting and curious medium that enhance each image. Shea is driven to create authentic portraits that speak your language. Come as you are, Shea will capture your natural beauty inside and out ­­because the best things in life really aren’t things….but moments and memories captured in time.


Professional Photographer

Angela is a Spiritual Alchemist--utilizing a variety of modalities to connect with the Divine Universal Wisdom to assist with guiding evolution and humanity towards wellness, joy and unlimited possibilities!  Angela holds a degree in occupational therapy and certifications in energetic medicine and bodywork. She has been studying modalities of mind-body-spirit wellness and holistic health coaching since 1995. Throughout her journey of intentional living, she has had the privilege to study and work alongside shamans, mediums, vibrational sound and art therapists, yogis, mystics, allopathic medical doctors and therapists, aromatherapists/herbalists, holistic nutritionists, quantum physicists, environmentalists, a variety of energy practitioners, kinesiologists, spiritual coaches, wiccans, chiropractors, astrologists, hypnotherapists, and most of all children and the elderly. Angela draws upon knowledge from her education, experiences, interactions and intuitive awareness to guide her healing practices and facilitate personal transformation.  


Spiritual Alchemist

Yoga Instructor/Stylist

Angela is owner of Hagoyah Salon, Yoga Den, and Spa. She is co-founder of Heartland Yoga Festival. Angela's meditation and yoga practice has been so impactful for her, and she wants to share these tools with the world by making yoga and meditation affordable, accessible and part of a weekly self-care regimen. If this is your first time experiencing yoga, you are in great hands. The yoga experiences at our retreat will be suitable for everyone. Angela firmly believe the more that we practice better self-care, we will be nicer people and our world will be a nicer place.


Jill Anderson, is a nature-based educator, photographer and founder of Heart & Smile Creative Consulting LLC.  She educates adults and children in strategies to allow our senses to experience the reciprocity of nature.  JIll believes in supporting connections between families, children, and nature; creating learning environments to honor the right we have to experience the natural world; capturing moments in time honoring the beauty of families, children, and nature.  Jill Inspires us to step away from the technology and shelter of our sterile surroundings and experience the energetic healing powers found in nature. WWW.HEARTANDSMILE.COM


Nature-Based Educator

Yoga Instructor, 500-RYT

Kristin loves guiding others to their own discoveries of feeling better through yoga. She is passionate about sharing tools with her students to find peace in their busy lives and increase strength and flexibility to continue practicing yoga when we’re 102 years old. Kristin finds relief from pain and stress with yoga poses and breathing techniques on a daily basis. As a competitive gymnast for 9 years, a college diver, and a martial artist, Kristin endured many injuries and learned through her yoga practice to respect her joints, always listen to her body, and have compassion for the limitations of others.  Introduced to yoga as a kid, it wasn’t until her personal discovery of relaxing the nervous system and healing grief after a string of family tragedies, when she felt compelled to share these benefits. Kristin completed her 500-hour certification in Iyengar-style yoga in 2015, inspired by master teachers, Judith Lasater, Doug Keller, and Aadil Palkhivala and the highly skilled teachers at The Yoga Studio. She specializes in Hatha and Restorative yoga and continues to be a lifelong student of yoga alignment, philosophy, breath work, meditation, and avenues of healing the body, mind and spirit.  When Kristin is not sharing or learning about yoga, she is most likely focused on her other passions: making silver jewelry with her husband, listening to her two boys share their passions, or snuggling their three rescue dogs.


Shannon Kinney-Düh, is a holistic life & spiritual coach, yoga & meditation teacher, Reiki practitioner, artist, podcaster, boy mom and owner of "A Free Spirit Life". She is passionate about inspiring and guiding women as they awaken to the wisdom of their own hearts. Self-discovery, self-awakening, self-love and soul-care are her jam.

Shannon is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher through The Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago and has been teaching yoga, meditation, mindfulness, creativity and self-discovery classes for over 15 years. She studied Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel and has been a Holistic Life Coach, mentoring women online and in-person, both in group coaching and one-on-one for over 10 years.

Shannon will provide you with a safe, sacred space to celebrate who you are in this moment, and who you are becoming. She will help you return to your true nature, reconnect to your calling and cultivate the courage it takes to listen to and follow your heart.

Learn more about Shannon at:

Holistic Life & Spiritual Coach

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